John Parsons - Owner


I am an engineer by trade with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering. I worked for a defense contractor for over 35 years applying my skills helping build complex systems for our nation. I just retired from that business and have turned my full attention to my passion. 

I have loved cars my whole life and started buying, fixing, and selling cars in my teens. I owned 30 cars before I was 22 years old. As the years went on, I was always working on a car and finally built the car of my dreams from the ground up. It was a 67 Chevy Nova that took me 7 years to finish. This opportunity gave me the ability to learn so much, apply my skills, and learn how to drive on a race track. The car was featured in multiple magazines including the cover of Popular Hot Rodding. I sold it at Barrett Jackson in 2009 to start my next project.

My business opened in 2004 in Maryland (under the name II Much Fabrication) after receiving repeated requests from others to help them with their cars.  I renamed the business to UnRivaled Rides after transferring the business to Florida.  Over the years I have done multiple custom builds along with many smaller jobs to enhance someone’s ride. 

My latest personal project combined a pair of Radical SR8s. I took the engines, gearboxes and chassis, added my own wiring, MoTeC ECU with dual drive by wire (DBW) servos, sequential ignition, and dual wideband 02 sensors, custom Geartronics firmware, and created a custom steering wheel. All of these systems are integrated together on multiple CAN buses for a seamless track experience. My years as a professional engineer provided me with the perfect skillset to integrate, tune, and perfect these systems. 

I believe in lifelong learning and I continue to strive to learn more and extend my skills every day. 

67 Chevy Nova aka "II Much"

YouTube Link to sale of 67 Chevy Nova at Barrett Jackson

Radical SR8

YouTube Link - Sebring 2:09 Best lap at Sebring Raceway in Radical SR8 

YouTube Link - Sebring 2:10 Better lap at Sebring Raceway in the Radical SR8

 YouTube Link - Sebring 2:15 Good Lap at Sebring Raceway in the Radical SR8